Health is a precious gift


It took me several decades to realize that.

a little more about me

My name is Dirk Van Giel born in Flanders, Belgium in december 1959 as the fifth of a ten siblings family.
My mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after giving birth to her seventh baby. She died in 1974 due to unforeseen insulin complications in combination with an out of control flu virus.

In 1981 I started to work as an analyst/programmer on an IBM© System/38© and became a professional software consultant in 1992 as the CEO of my own company called bvba Cross Reference.

After many years of living an unhealthy lifestyle I started to develop insulin resistance followed by obesity, pre-diabetes and finally dmt2 which was diagnosed in 1997.
As long as I remember I have been suffering from painful micro fibre poly neuropathy in both feet which made me decide to move to Costa Rica in 2010 hoping to find some relief.
After my return in 2012 my weight started to increase again and within a few months I was at the worst of my health ever.

Glucose-Trend juli 2012 - mei 2015



Something had to be done because there was no time to waste.

My blood glucose was out of control (cfr. image above) and my hunger insatiable.

Taking four shots of insulin, fifteen pills and three nasty punctures a day was too much to bare.

KoolhydratenMetabolisme VOOR



The HbA1c value has risen up to a dangerous 10.2%.






Then I found the solution!

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Titel video clip Ex-dmt2

On Tuesday November 14 2017 (World Diabetes Day) the documentary will be available on Vimeo.

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